Swedish Massage | 30 mins $45+

Swedish Massage | 60 mins $80+

Swedish Massage | 90 mins $120+

Deep Tissue Massage | 30 mins $45+

Deep Tissue Massage | 60 mins $85+

Deep Tissue Massage | 90 mins $125+


Ginger & Lemongrass | 60 mins $90+

Ginger & Lemongrass | 90 mins $135+

Swedish/Deep Tissue combo with sesame oil infused with ginger and lemongrass followed by the soothing comfort of hot towels. Helps to relieve aches and muscle tightness.

Pregnancy Massage | 60 mins $90+

Available in second and third trimesters, relieves many of the discomforts during pregnancy, reduces stress and encourages blood flow.

Sport Massage | 60 mins $90+

Prepares any athlete for optimal performance, focusing on areas that are overused and strained. This massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance and reduces risk of injury.

Hot Stone Massage | 60 mins $90+

Hot Stone Massage | 90 mins $135+

This session uses a variety of large and small heated stones, promoting deep relaxation and stimulation of blood flow and oxygen to muscles.

Peppermint Stone Foot Massage | 30 mins $70+

Hot towels infused with peppermint are applied to the feet. Peppermint lotion is applied from foot to knee and massaged with smooth stones.


Raindrop Therapy | 60 mins $90+

Enables you to restore balance and normal function to weak body systems. Therapeutic grade essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain along the spine and feet mixed with a variety of light massage techniques along the vertebrae and back muscles.

Stone Sugar Glow | 90 mins $135+

This treatment begins with an exfoliating sugar scrub that will be gently removed with warm towels. Then relax with a full body Hot Stone, Aromatherapy Massage.